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Coach Autry Morgan

Coach  Autry Morgan - Head Coach Girls Volleyball

My name is Autry Morgan and I am the head volleyball coach at Thomas Jefferson  High School. I have been teaching in RPS for 3 years and have coached all levels of sports. I coached 1 Year volleyball as Girls Head Varsity at TJ where we finished 8-6 and advanced to the playoffs in my 1st season.

I am excited about the prospect of working with TJ athletes again and anticipate a great season this  year. Please be extra supportive of your athlete the first few weeks of season as they will be getting bombarded with new techniques, defensive schemes and server receive rotations which is a lot to remember and process. I will be asking the girls to perform skills in new ways that may initially make them feel like they are getting worse. The only way to evolve as volleyball players is to push ourselves to perform new and challenging skills that we haven’t already mastered. So expect some frustration, but I know in the end you will see great leaps in their abilities as they are challenged throughout the season.

First Match of the season is 08/31/22!

Contact Information:

Prospective players or parents may email directly with any questions.

Tryout Expectations:

General Team placement Information:

  1. Standard number of players on roster is 12
  2. Cuts could be made as early as the 5th session of Daily Doubles
  3. Roster will be designated or explained by Friday, August 26th, 2022.
  4. Coaches will assess you based on:
    1. Self-Responsibility
      1. When asked to do something off the court are you reminded more than once?
      2. Self-motivated (You don’t have to be told to do tasks etc.)
    2. Skill Level
    3. Conditioning
    4. Attitude
    5. Winner’s mentality
      1. Do you try to win every drill, every match, every point
      2. Do you complain? Pout? Give Excuses?
    6. Coach-ability (do you apply the first time-on and off the court)
      1. Do you work on inadequacies before and after practices?

How you are informed of team placement:

  1.  We will sit down with you -  a one on one conversation.
    1. Tell you how we see your role on the team (Roles may change as seasons progress)
    2. Ask for your opinions
    3. Move forward
  2. You can come in to talk with any of the coaches any time during tryouts to see how you are doing or generally ask questions and to get help.
  3. “Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.” Vince Lombardi


Playing Time:

Playing time will be determined by three factors: attendance, attitude, and skill. This will not always be equal on JV or Varsity. Emphasis will be placed on positive attitude, hard work, progress, and improvement.

Attendance consists of “showing up” both physically and mentally to practices, competitions, and other team activities. Attitude consists of a positive “can-do” mentality. This can be seen in a student-athlete’s willingness to try what is asked of her (coachability). The attitude component also refers to the support each student-athlete gives her teammates.

Skill consists of the physical capabilities of the student-athlete when completing required motions and plays.



On this team all athletes will play equal time in the first two games provided practice attendance and participation is 100%. If a third game is needed, playing time will be decided by the coach. We feel that it is more important at this level for the girls to get court time than it is for them to have a perfect record at the end of the season.


Play to win. Players and parents must understand that this philosophy means some athletes will not receive playing time on a regular basis. Players must weigh the advantages or disadvantages of possibly sitting on Varsity.

Absences from practice and competition will result in reduction or loss of playing time. When a student-athlete does not attend a practice or competition the entire team is affected. Prior to the beginning of the season, each student-athlete is given the opportunity to list any schedule conflicts. These are the only absences that are considered excused.

If a student-athlete is not at practice, she will not play in at least one game of the following match. Depending on the circumstance, this student-athlete may forfeit all of her playing time in the following match. If a student-athlete will miss practice or a competition, she must inform the coach as soon as she is aware of the absence, but always prior to the practice or competition starting time. This is very important!

Coach Autry Morgan


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