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Coach Tim Craft

Coach Tim Craft

Coach Craft has been the Cross-Country & Track Coach with TJ since the 2017-2018 season. TJ has several players compete in  the State tournament, in multiple disciplines, every season. In 2019-2020, TJ had the best middle distance girls running squad in the Richmond Public Schools system.

Philosophy/Approach to Coaching – Have fun Running while encouraging young student-athletes to learn about diet, hydration, stretching and teamwork.

Player Expectations - Players should expect to run a minimum of 9-10 miles over three days of scheduled practice, no matter the discipline. Running various distances, strength, and speed work are the core workouts. The player must be able to perform repetitive sets of lunges, squats, and planks.

Show up at scheduled practice times fully dressed, fed, prepared. Having water bottles is essential. Listen to Coach/Team Captain/Manager instructions and complete assigned workouts.

Contact Information: 

Phone/Text#: (203) 209-9734


Team Chat Group: Players will be added to a Team chat.

Team Rules/Discipline: Adherence to TJ SCORE Policy at all times. Attendance at scheduled practices is mandatory. Three no-shows in a month will result in dismissal from team.

Practice Times: are generally Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 3:30 -5:30 (dependent on school and busing schedule).

Meet Schedule:– TBD. Generally we compete in 4-8 meets per season. This is dependent on # of players, location of meet, and available transportation.